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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my American insurance cover me in Mexico?

No. Some American and Canadian insurance companies will offer limited coverage within a certain range of the border, however, this limited coverage does not meet Mexico's requirement of having financial responsibility from a Mexican insurance company. If your company provides, for instance Medical Payments, Collision and Comprehensive coverage within 50 miles of the border then all you NEED to meet minimum legal requirements in Mexico is Liability Only policy.

What is the “Increased Liability” ?

Increased liability (Combined Single Limit or CSL) is the Risk 3, third party liability portion of your policy. This is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay to cover damage to a third party caused by you and/or any listed driver on the policy with permission to drive the vehicle. Most people carry $20-50,000 in Mexico. Our policies start at $100,000, but $300,000 is popular in the United States , and is also available to our customers for additional charge. See our "Coverage Terms and Conditions" for details.

What is the difference between Liability Only and Complete Coverage options?

The Liability Only policy covers Risks 3, 4 and 5 (Third party liability, Medical Payments and Legal Aid). This is the legal requirement in Mexico .

The Complete Coverage policy also includes coverage for Risks 1 and 2 (Collision and Comprehensive). This is required by most auto finance companies for travel into Mexico. We are recognized and accepted by all auto finance companies including GMAC, Toyota Financial, Honda Motor Credit, Ford Motor Credit, Capital One Auto Finance, and many many more.
*Motorcycle type vehicles do not include Risk 4, medical payments.

Is there a Mexican Number for traffic information?

Telnor now has an easy service number to call and find out the traffic situation at the border. Dial asterisk-GARITA. (*427472).

What is the Sentri lane?

This has been proven to be the ultimate solution to avoid long crowded lanes to go to the US . You'll need an application and later call for an appointment, but this is sure worthwhile. Extensive investigation from the Bureaus will apply. Telephone number for appointments is (619) 661-3170.

Do you have a list of important phone numbers?


       Red Cross Tij 065 - Ros 066

       Police 060

       Fire 068

       CFE (street light failure) 071

       CESP (water) 073

       Exact hour 030

       Information 040

       Call Collects 090

       Federal High – Way (664) 682 – 5285

       Tourist assistance (661) 612 - 0200 in Baja (078)

Which police are which?

FEDERAL POLICE: When you drive on any Federal road, these are the people who take care of any accidents and traffic assistance. Their distinctive black and white cars are easily identified. They normally have authority on the roads between cities and towns, or on open highways.

STATE POLICE: Identified by the words: (Vialidad y Transportes) on the sides of their cars. These State police supervise all commercial vehicles, and are clearly marked in white, yellow and blue. They don't handle normal traffic tickets or accidents.

MUNICIPAL POLICE: These officers enforce all driving traffic conditions.